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We are Entebbe sounds! Welcome to our website where you can find out more about our sound, music, history, release dates,

Entebbe sounds were formed in the springtime of 1978. Growing up and going to school together in the area Hornsey a group of us felt the same calling and love towards roots reggae  music which the foundations had already been laid in our upbringing in of sound systems through associations with sounds like Scrap Iron ,Count Marshall, Black Star Liner. Further grounding was sought which involved going to youth clubs, parties and clubs to hear the bigger sound systems of the day.

Still being in our teens and at school we linked with up with a sound called Count Ding A Ling who was playing the circuit and was owned by Roy , affectionately called Daddy Roy whose moniker has now changed to Father Entebbe in the present day. Now the training and sculpting of our vision of how sound systems should be played began, countless hours of playing the pre-amp, wiring of the amps, selecting records, learning  how to make the riddims flow in sequence to create a greater euphoria , and strengthening our knowledge of the great artists of reggae music who were out at that time.

As our knowledge increased so did our opportunities  to actually playing the set. Around this time so was our  deeper consciousness of who we were began to take shape with the culture of Rastafari becoming ever more prevalent in minds, thoughts and  movements for shaping the sound and ourselves. At this time the name changed to Jah Culture Sound which had a lot of members involved old and new .

At this moment there was an idea to have big sound and a youth sound and from this notion Entebbe Sound System was born. With our ages ranging from 14-16  years old we played our first session in Campsbourne school in Hornsey which was a momentous occasions to see, be witness off and to take part in. To hear the bass fill the hall the tops chipping away the selector rocking the crowd a joy to behold, goosebumps even now when we think back to that day. From there numerous sessions were played over the years, 50 pence being entry fee back then playing some of the biggest sound in the country, travelling the country playing in major towns ,Birmingham, Leeds, major parks and community events and playing abroad Israel ,Belgium, Holland, Germany and France, this is a lifelong journey of bringing roots and culture truth and rights to the people through music

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Entebbe Sounds.